Covid-19 FAQ

Question: Will the Kitchen be closed for the entire Summer or open in Phase 4

Question: Will the policy be no guests for the entire summer or change in Phase 4.

Question: Will Social Distancing still be required in Phase 4.

Question: Will Masks still be required in Phase 4.

Answer to all of the above:  We want to provide you with concrete answers to your questions.  Unfortunately, we don’t have concrete answers to these questions yet.  We are continually monitoring State and Local authority directives/orders.  Information is ever-changing.  We will, of course, update the membership immediately as restrictions change. 

From New York Times on 6/20/20:  Phase 4: No region of New York has yet been cleared by state officials to enter Phase 4, the last last stage of the reopening outlined by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.  In broad terms, officials have signaled that businesses that provide the arts, entertainment and recreation, as well as schools, will be allowed to open in this phase. But with no part of the state in it yet, officials have not been specific about what will be allowed.

Question: If I want to resign from the Yacht Club, will I get a refund?

Answer: If you resign from the Club, you need to inform the Secretary and Treasurer at and  You will be issued a refund at that time.

Question: If I want to rejoin the Yacht Club next year, what happens?

Answer: Should you choose to resign from the Club this year and rejoin next year or in 2022, you will be responsible for the full assessment fee ($500 for Regular members and the rest according to previously published table) and full 2021 or 2022 dues.

Question: Will my full-time nanny/babysitter be able to bring my children to the Club while I am at work?

Answer: Yes.  Please have your nanny/sitter fill out the waiver and top section of the membership application on the website for our contact tracing records.  List your name as the employer.  Inform the Manager, Mike Barrett, you are doing so.  Their name will be added to the list at the front gate.  Please ensure they are familiar with Club rules and restrictions. 

Question: For the health and safety of my family, we do not plan on using the Club this summer, but want to retain our membership and support the Club. Is there another option for us other than resigning?

Answer: Yes, if you are not going to use the Club but wish to retain your membership, you may pay the full assessment fee now.  You will not be able to use the Club for the season, even as a guest should restrictions be relaxed further on in the season. 

Question:  Does no guests include adult children and/or grandchildren?

Answer: Yes.  The no guests allowed includes adult children and/or grandchildren.

Question:  Am I able to sit with a friend on the pool deck or must it only be my family?

Answer: If it is mutually agreed by both of you, you may sit with a friend.

Question:  If I arrive at the Club by boat, do I need to check in at the gate?

Answer: Yes, please check in at the gate.  We are required to keep a record for contact tracing purposes.

Question:  Since there will be no “large group gatherings” (Happy Hours, or Saturday night parties) why aren’t dues being reduced further than just for the month of June that the club was closed?

Answer: No part of Membership dues are ever used for entertainment events – Parties and Happy Hours. The admission “donations” and costs of holding parties and happy hours is maintained in a separate bank account.  The goal each season is to have entertainment break even.  Therefore, there is no portion of dues that can be identified with these activities.

Question:  Since we can not have guests at the club, why aren’t dues being further reduced?

Answer: Guest Rules (available on the website) states that a person – whether adult or child – shall not be a guest, either of the same member or of a different member, on more than four occasions during one season.  This has been a long standing rule, and members are expected to abide by it on an honor system, although unfortunately some do not.  There is no way to identify the portion of dues allocable to this privilege.

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